About Us

Here you can find contact information for the Team working to bring you Levante.

Please only contact us with serious inquiries; inquiries deemed repetitive, spam, and/or otherwise, non-useful, will be ignored.

Levante Contact

If you wish to contact our team generally, here are a couple of ways to do so.

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OatsFX (Ryan)

As the developer of the Levante Discord bot and website, I strive to build a service that brings players closer to Destiny 2 through a Discord bot.

You can reach me on these platforms:


GoGo (Bailey)

Hi there! I'm Bailey, and I do the majority of the networking and communications via the official social medias for the Levante Discord bot. I am always striving to create positive experiences in all Levante Bot social spaces, and to be as helpful as possible with any questions or issues that users may have with the bot.

You can reach me on these platforms:

Testing and Features Management

Jaken (Jacob)

Hello I am Jaken, I do Testing and Features Management whether it be helping come up with new features to add or testing features already in the pipeline.

You can reach me on these platforms:

GitHub Contributors

A comprehensive list of programming contributors on GitHub.